Healthy Kale and Raw Root Slaw with Lime Cilantro Dressing

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Spring is definitely here and I can see shoppers lining up to get their propane tanks refilled, anticipating the BBQ season.  Make sure you serve a green salad or two at your next barbeque.  As I discuss on my website, leafy greens are loaded with nutrients, are low in calories and help maintain good health. In this blog, I have included a recipe for a Kale Raw Root Slaw with a delicious lime-cilantro dressing that I’m sure you and your family will enjoy.

There are many kinds of kale that grow well in Canada, but chances are you will only find 1 kind at your local grocer, which is a curly kale.  Organic grocers tend to sell as many as 3 kinds of kale; usually lacinato (or black, also called dinosaur) kale,  curly and Redbor (or purple) kale.  Varieties of kale are named after where they have been traditionally grown for many centuries, such as Tuscan kale, Scottish kale, and Russian kale.

Kale is very easy to grow, sprouts quickly and even seems to improve in sweetness after a frost.  Hence, it grows well in a cold frame or hoop tunnel, so it makes a great garden vegetable for our unpredictable Canadian climate.

Kale is considered a super food and for good reason.  It contains complete protein, and has a 3:1 carb to protein ratio, which is exceptionally high for a leafy green vegetable.  It is very low in fat, high in omega 3 EFAs and loaded with fibre.

It is also loaded with vitamins, minerals and yellow-based antioxidants, which is why I truly love this vegetable.  It is so healing!!!  This veggie has a  ton of beta carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins and antioxidants such as kaempferol, quercetin, lutein, zeaxanthin, sulforaphane and indole 3 carbinol.

I promise this slaw will do well at your next BBQ.

Raw Root Slaw with Kale

1 large carrot, shredded
1 large beet, shredded
2 curly kale leaves, cut finely
2 Lacinato kale leaves, cut finely
1 avocado, sliced into cubes

Combine and top with several sprigs of cilantro

Lime Cilantro Dressing

1/2 seeded jalapeno pepper
1 garlic clove
2 tbsp raw honey
3/4 tsp fresh ginger root
1/4 c fresh squeezed lime juice
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar
1/4 c packed cilantro leaves
1/2 c extra virgin olive oil


Place pepper, garlic and ginger in a blender and pulse until they are finely chopped, add all other ingredients and blend until smooth.  Add salt to taste.

This will be a big hit at your next party! Try it and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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