If you know me a bit, you’ll know I just love Asian cuisine! From the spicy delightful Rendang of Indonesia/Malaysia to the amazing Red Curry of Thailand to the stunning stir fries of Chinese cuisine…Asian cuisine is truly amazing period.  I made sure my ex hubby and I exposed our children to Asian cuisine early in their lives so they would enjoy these amazing foods.  But there is one dish I have only recently discovered… and that’s Vietnamese Pho!!

This is an amazing combination of  soup stock, vegetables (most often baby Bok Choi) and noodles   This stunning huge bowl of delight is available at just about any Vietnamese restaurant but is especially fantastic at a small restaurant in north Newmarket called QQPho!  The owner makes a wonderful soup full of vegetables, not just boy choi and her spicy broth is to die for!!  My daughter and I go as often as we can.  There is nothing that can warm a bone chilling January Newmarket day like a hot bowl of QQPho’s version of PHO!!



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