Has Your Crisper Turned Into A Composter?

Today’s blog post is short and very to the point.  How many of you, unable to get to your vegetables in time, have seen your lovely prized and expensive cauliflowers turn into this?

We all learn from someone, and today’s hero is Jamie Oliver, everybody’s favourite well dressed Naked Chef.  I learned about this when reading one of  Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks.  There is a better way to keep your vegies fresh and crisp in the fridge, and it’s not in plastic.  The best way to keep your vegies in the fridge, and to keep mold away, is to wrap them loosely in a cotton dishtowel.  This allows the vegetables to breathe and keeps them dry, keeping mold and fungus away for longer periods of time.  Plastic tends to keep them wet or excessively damp, encouraging mold growth.  I’m surprised to see how many people seem to think that vegies should be wrapped in plastic.  Many vegetables are sold in plastic bags, but this is not meant to be a long term storage wrapping for them.  As soon as you get your vegies home from the store, they should be taken out of their plastic wrapping and wrapped in a cloth towel.  I promise you, you will enjoy your vegies for much longer!!

cauliflower in plastic wrapping has gone bad
cauliflower in plastic wrapping has gone bad




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