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Health Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Thanks to Dr. Mary Newport, who saved her husband from the ravages of advanced Alzheimer’s in 2008, we know so much more about how coconut and MCTs produce ketones through the liver. These ketones then nourish brain cells which have lost their ability to use glucose. Some researchers are now calling Alzheimer’s a “diabetes of the brain”.

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Damaging Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)

Dirty electricity is caused by “leaking” energy from various electrical and electronic gadgets in your home like dimmer switches, CFL light bulbs (these are those compact fluorescent light bulbs that contain mercury and are spiral in shape), plasma TVs, treadmills, low voltage lighting, computers and gaming systems. This leakage can be reduced with Graham-Stetzer filters that are plugged into several wall outlets throughout the home. Note: Wind turbines, solar power panels and power lines are also concerns.

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Adderall & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

But what is the real problem here? It’s very clear to me that the medical community is steering parents into drug based solutions without any discussion of more natural approaches. Parents need support, guidance, and a full explanation of all the options for their children which would include nutritional support, food sensitivity testing, vitamin and mineral deficiency testing, heavy metal testing, digestive inquiry, etc. One laboratory in the U.S. specializes in analyzing metabolites in urine, blood and stool. This is a very reliable method to determine imbalances and deficiencies, most of which can be remedied with a good diet and supplementation.

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The Alzheimer’s Disease-Coconut Oil Frustration

I rarely see a disease or disorder so easily stopped or reversed as Alzheimer’s Disease. (Over 200 personal testimonials have been sent to Dr. Mary Newport, wife/M.D. of a recovering Alzheimer’s patient). Nothing seems to work faster in stopping the progression of many cases of Alzheimer’s like coconut oil and MCT oil. The healing action is in the body’s production of ketones, which is induced by the mitochondrial action when the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil (and palm oil) pass through the intestinal wall to the liver. These ketones then pass into the blood and brain and nourish brain cells (neurons) which, in cases of certain neurological disorders, no longer process glucose due to a brain insulin malfunction.

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