Coconut & Palm Oil

Coconut & Palm Oil

Cocos Nuciferahealth benefits of coconut

The coconut is truly a superfood.  This amazing drupe can be used in so many ways.  From coconut meat (shredded coconut) to coconut flour, coconut water to coconut sugar, the coconut can be used in so many ways.  But the real gift of this food is in its oil.  Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that can do so many amazing things in the human body.  From helping to support weight loss to fighting candida & viral infections and supporting neurological diseases, etc… everyone should be using coconut oil everyday!!

This amazing oil has been sadly maligned for many years because of bad publicity on the part of several polyunsaturated vegetable oil industries. Despite the numerous success stories and testimonials we can read online, this amazing oil is still currently very misunderstood. This oil is so superior and so important that Metagenics even wrote a position paper about it! (see

“… adding coconut milk, grated coconut, coconut flour, and virgin coconut oil to its list of acceptable foods (advantages include:) …..increased satiety, increased burning of calories, and improved weight control are just some of the compelling reasons to include modest amounts of coconut products in the FLT (FirstLine Therapy) program.” (Functional Medicine Research Center, The Use of Coconut Oil, a Healthy Medium-Chain Fatty Acid, as part of the FirstLine Therapy Program, p. 8, 2008).

Not all saturated fats are created equally. Coconut oil is a plant based medium chain saturated fat, which is why it is so much healthier than a long chain animal based saturated fat.  Coconut oil has been shown to raise healthy cholesterol levels and it also supports digestion, thyroid & immune system function.

Coconut oil is a great food to support weight loss because it is less likely to store as fat.  In addition, coconut oil contains fewer calories per gram than standard fat (contains less than 9 calories).  Come and talk to me about the many reasons why you need to keep this oil in your kitchen at all times.  In addition, I also teach my clients about how to use coconut and palm oil to help support patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurological disorders.  The Byrd Institute in Tampa, Florida is currently conducting a study on a coconut oil based medical food, please click here to see this flyer.

Coconut Oil for the Skin

Coconut and MCT oil are amazing as base ingredients in skin care and personal toiletry items such as skin cream, body butter, toothpaste, etc.  It’s no accident that the cosmetics and toiletry industries have been using this oil and its derivatives for many years.  Both coconut and MCT oil are so good for the skin, for both moisturizing and as an antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial.  Have you been concerned lately about the nasty chemicals and preservatives in your skincare products?  Make an appointment with me, and we’ll talk about how you can use coconut oil in your daily skincare, haircare, and cleansing routines, and how you can use these oils in combination with powerful essential oils to make wonderful gifts for your family and friends.

For more information about why coconut oil is so important, please see these great references:

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