doTerra Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils and Why Are They So Amazing?

doTerra Essential Oils

Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled or otherwise extracted from certain plants and their respective parts, e.g. seeds, barks, roots, stems, flowers, etc.  Essential oils have been used in ancient times and were found in King Tut’s tomb!  They were used in ancient Egypt, China, Israel, Rome, Greece, Arabia and Europe. Essential oils contain the regenerating, oxygenating and immune strengthening properties of plants.  These oils contain phytochemicals that are so small molecularly, that they are very easily absorbed through the skin.  Essential oils contain bioactive phytochemicals such as terpenes, alcohols (linalool, citronellol, geraniol, bisabolol), esters (methyl acetate), aldehydes (cinnamic aldehyde), ketones (CT verbenon), phenols (eugenol, thymol), oxides (eucalyptol), etc. which, in plain English, amount to lots of good things for you and me!  If you’re not familiar with essential oils, you may need to be reminded that you are probably using them regularly –  in your toothpaste and in the gum you chew!!  Essential oils can be used in many ways, such as in aromatherapy, topically, internally and in many other ways in the home, such as in food, skincare, home cleaning items, and toiletries.


Why I Love doTerra Essential Oils I have recently discovered the power, purity and quality of doTerra essential oils. When you’re in consult with me, we will probably talk a bit about how you can use these amazing oils in your home.  There are so many fun ways to use essential oils, for example, in cooking, for home cleaning, hygiene & first aid, in skincare and toiletries. I first discovered essential oils when my daughter was very young. We made “melt & pour” soaps together and I purchased my essential oil supplies at the health food store. I have since discovered that a Utah based network marketing essential oil company has established very high standards for their oils and search world wide for the best quality. DoTerra pays attention to where their essential oils are sourced – country, climate, species of plant, etc., how they are distilled, and which parts of the plants are used, etc.  For example, doTerra only uses oils that are distilled from the flower heads of the Helichrysum plant, as this is the most potent part of the plant.  In addition, doTerra only uses lemon oils from organic orchards in Sicily, as the lemons grown there are known for their flavour, sweetness and potency.  DoTerra uses only lavender oil from the Lavandula augustifolia plant, which is traditionally grown in the dry, higher-altitude region of Provence, in France. and in Bulgaria. (I myself, have seen and smelled the many fields of lavender that grows well in the dry, hot southern area of France near Grasse).  DoTerra company has grown very quickly, because I believe there is a growing demand for top quality essential oils that are pure and edible so they can be used to support better health and healing.


Learning To Use Essential Oils, My DIY: “Do It Yourself Skincare”, “Natural Home Cleaning Supplies”, “Medicine Cabinet Makeover” Workshops!

In my “Do It Yourself Skincare” classes at my home, you can learn how to use these amazing oils in clean, natural skincare, bath & shower items, and toiletries.  If you’re interested in using essential oils but not sure how, call me and we’ll talk about the many ways you can use these powerful, natural essential oils to enhance your life!  My next workshop will focus on facial lotions and creams and is planned for  : Note: doTerra Essential Oils class: DIY Baby/childcare items: August 18 at 6pm Dinner potluck and DIY.  Call or email me for more details!

doterra cream
I use doTerra essential oils to make natural skin lotion!
Do terra Fishoil
Adding a few drops of doTerra wild orange essential oil helps mask the nasty taste of fish oil!

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