The AromaTouch Technique

I am currently certified in doTerra’s AromaTouch technique.  AromaTouch is an essential oil application method that was developed by Dr. David Hill, an expert in the use and science of essential oils.  He developed this technique in response to growing demand for a simple but effective technique whereby both beginners and experts could apply essential oils on their clients, friends and family with effective, meaningful results. Dr. Hill has chosen over 20 different essential oils, based on each oil’s constituents,  which are used in this technique to support various aspects of human health such as stress, toxic insult, inflammation, automomic response and immunity.  For more information, please watch this video about the AromaTouch technique.


AromaTouch Sessions – What To Expect Each session takes about 45 minutes and is both relaxing and energizing. I am able to do AromaTouch home visits with my portable massage table.  Please note, this technique is not properly done on a carpeted floor or a bed.  In addition, I will only do the AromaTouch technique on women.  AromaTouch is conducted through gentle hand application of the oils to the bare back, neck, head and feet. There is no massage or deep tissue massage involved, however, a small amount of reflexology-type pressure is used on both the back and feet. AromaTouch is especially beneficial if you are experiencing stress or trauma.

Each session costs $75.


Call me and we’ll talk about why I love this special essential oil application technique!


Aroma Touch

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