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Holistic Cooking/Food Prep Classes & DIY Skincare/Essential Oils Workshops

My Kitchen Is My Playground!

I just love to cook and nothing makes me happier than trying out a new nutrient-dense recipe!! We have come a long way since Laurel’s Kitchen and The Book of Whole Meals.  Laurel Robertson’s book was very influential in the late 1970s as a complete vegetarian guide book, however, nowadays, it’s apparent she just didn’t go far enough.   We have learned so much about food since then.  Annemarie Colbin’s book of the same time period, suggested pure and natural recipes, which seemedorganically grown vegetables to lean closer to Veganism, but too close to a Macrobiotic diet.  Some of her recipes were absolutely ghastly!  I am constantly on the look out for delicious tasting recipes that are healthy, non-inflammatory, and that avoid nightshade and dairy based foods.  The one key theme these noble ladies missed, was the importance of leafy greens.

Why Leafy Greens?

Are you getting enough leafy greens? Are you stumped about how to incorporate greens in your diet? When I speak to men and women about their diet, it’s clear to me that most feel a bowl of salad per day is all they need. Leafy greens are probably the most important part of any diet, and yet many of us seem to neglect these very nutritious foods. I’ll show you how to prepare kale so that you will truly appreciate this amazing super leafy green. Raw or Cooked — What’s best? Science has shown us that both raw and cooked versions of leafy greens provide us with the maximum nourishment that these amazing foods have to offer. In an hour I can show you how to make a few Green Smoothies, a tasty casserole and an amazing salad.

I Love Growing My Own Greens


In my home food prep classes, my own backyard organic garden serves as the source of most of the produce used to prepare lovely leafy green-based meals. Some examples are my brassica soups and my favourite kale-based brown rice & quinoa casseroles. Some of my garden beds are hoop-tunnelled for year-round gardening.



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Do It Yourself Workshops:  Natural Skincare/Toiletries/Home Cleaning Products/Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Natural Skincare: Two and a half  to three hours, $50 per person. Cost includes samples of all products made.

In these  workshops I teach small groups how to make “Do It Yourself ” skincare items made from natural and simple ingredients such as baking soda, epsom salts, fractionated coconut oil, green tea, essential oils, coconut oil, etc.  Some of the items we make include natural non-toxic lotions and creams, eye creams, lip balms, body butters, etc.  Participants go home with a fun collection of items they have made themselves in lovely glass jars.

Please note my next DIY class will be held at the Town of Innisfil, Churchill community centre on November 1 and 8th.  Please contact the town for more information.

I will also be holding DIY classes on skincare, eco friendly cleaning supplies, and the practical use of essential oils in the home at the Centre for Work-Life Balance at 151 Essa Road in Barrie. Please contact me or Jane Dutly regarding these classes.

Dates for upcoming workshops:

Do It Yourself Toiletries:  In my toiletries class you can learn to make natural mouthwashes, tooth paste, several spa items such as bath salts, baby bum cream, natural baby wipes, etc. (Participants go home with a good selection of cleaning items in both glass and plastic containers.

Natural Cleaning Supplies: My natural home cleaning items class includes alternatives to harsh and toxic cleaning formulas, such as natural window cleaner, natural counter top cleaners, natural dishwasher powder, natural oven cleaner and natural tile cleaner.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: In this class participants will learn to use essential oils and simple kitchen items in first aid. In addition, ideas will be offered to support non-emergency and common family health concerns such as earaches, stomach upset, head and neck tension, bug bites and bee stings, burns, cuts and scrapes, etc. We will also make bug repellent in this class.

Fabulous Facial: In this class we will make face lotion, under eye serum, toner, moisturizer and edible makeup remover. I will teaching a class similar to this through the Town of Innisfil, please see page 35 of their Spring Leisure Guide or the Town’s website.

Baby Love! Items for Baby  In this class we will make natural baby wipes with healthy oils, essential oils and (no propylene glycol and other junk), diaper cream, baby oil, etc.

Please call me about dates for these classes. I will be teaching a short class on Essential Oils and Babies through Mommy Connections. This short workshop starts at 10:30 to 11:15 am and will be held at Harmony Dance Studio on Stellar Drive in Newmarket.

Cooking/Food Prep Programs

York Region Women’s Cooking Circle

Region Food Buying Club

I have relinquished this responsibility to others…I’m simply too busy… please look on the for this york region group.

Cooking Classes

Please Note: My Holistic Cooking classes are no longer being offered through the Town of Aurora Recreation Dept.  They are now offered through the Town of Innisfil, please see their website at

or call 705-436-7120.  The upcoming Spring class is being held at the Churchill townhall/courthouse/rec centre in their lovely large kitchen…This is a great teaching kitchen and I am so pleased to be working here!  My classes will run from September 20 – October 25, on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.



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