Holistic Nutritional Services

castherines gardenI offer:

  • Individual nutritional counseling (in her home and at various clinics)
  • Live blood cell microscopy
  • Food prep classes
  • Corporate nutrition/wellness programs
  • Workshops, lectures, demonstrations
  • AROMATOUCH with doTerra Essential Oils – Cost: $65 for a 30 minute session.

In my home food prep classes, my own backyard organic garden serves as the source of most of the produce used to prepare lovely leafy green-based meals. Some examples are my brassica soups and my favourite kale-based brown rice & quinoa casseroles. Some of my garden beds are  hoop-tunnelled for year-round gardening.

I’ve have recently been discovering the healing power of essential oils.  Aromatouch is a massage-type touch technique that improves well-being by modulating physical and emotional stressors. Over 20 different essential oils including lavender, clove, tea tree, eucalyptus and rosemary are used to achieve this effect.

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