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Notice on blackboard announcing lunch and learnCORPORATE ‘LUNCH & LEARN’ PROGRAM

I enjoy conducting Lunch & Learns in local corporations, and have noticed that staff are hungry for information about simple ways to improve their wellness. Green Smoothies, in particular, are a very “hot” topic. These healthy green blender concoctions are easy to make and taste great.

Would you like to arrange for a staff DIY workshop?  Your staff can learn how to make their own lotions, creams and deodorants… Contact me regarding dates and rates.



This program involves a combination of monthly “Lunch & Learns”. (One lunch & learn per month). Topics for Lunch & Learns can be decided in advance based on the employee’s needs.  In addition, one day per month is devoted to individual nutritional assessment and counselling, conducted on the company premises in a spare room. In one day 3-5 staff members can be seen. Appointments can take up to 2 hours.



Lectures, Workshops, & Demonstrations

nutritional demonstrations NewmarketI have conducted lectures for various organizations on my favourite topics, such as Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease. I have also held demonstrations on Green Smoothies in several local public school classrooms.  In one quick hour, I can show a classroom of teenage girls improvement of diet, including more greens, can help reduce problem skin that  so many teenagers suffer from!!

Would you like a DIY party? I can show a small group of ladies how to make their own lotions, creams, deodorant and other toiletries from simple kitchen food items and essential oils! Contact me for details!

Do you have a topic you would like me to present on?




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