Minerals & Antioxidants

Minerals & Antioxidants

minerals and antioxidantsNutritional Counselling with a Focus on Minerals and Antioxidants

Let’s get together and talk about your past and current diet.  With your detailed diet diary completed, I’ll have a pretty good idea of how I can suggest improvements to your menu planning and cooking methods that will give you more energy, help you sleep better and help you manage your daily stresses.  You’ve probably sought me out because you know you need to make some changes.  Hopefully I will motivate you to include more greens and other plant foods in your diet.   Are you already a vegetarian, eating lots of plant based foods right now and still not feeling so great?  Let’s talk about glandular imbalances, or digestive or mineral deficiencies that may apply to you.    Do you want to make some major changes to your diet?  Or can you handle only small changes right now. Let’s talk!!  Are you rushed and pressed for time most days?  Are you working full time and have kids to raise as well?  I will suggest ways to squeeze whole foods into your busy day. Perhaps you may resolve to spend more time on cooking and food prep when you realize how important this is.

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